Midlothian Music Lessons LLC
11512 Allecingie Parkway Suite B` Richmond, VA 23235 US
Phone: 8048739035 Website: www.midlomusiclesssons.com

About our lessons

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We are professional musicians who have established a studio for the sole purpose of teaching lessons.

Every teacher on our roster is college or conservatory educated in music and most are also well-known performers.

  • Experienced and QUALIFIED teachers with clean backgrounds
  • Nicer studios to enhance learning - large enough to seat several people
  • Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons
  • Comfortable waiting area
  • Performance/recital opportunities for students
  • Convenient location
  • No pressure from retail salespeople

Focus On Learning

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Our philosophy about Music Education is simple: ALL students are capable of playing music if they spend time practicing a good curriculum. Our teachers focus on good technique, strong cognitive processing of concepts and clear assignments of musical excercises and pieces that combine the two.

The tricky part is knowing how to engage the student with musical material they want to play while not neglecting essential aspects of music education.

MIDLOTHIAN MUSIC LESSONS has a goal of making available the kind of teacher who can help any student gain the lifelong skill of playing music if they are willing to spend their time learning

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