About lessons with Jack

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My background as a performer is diverse and draws on extensive training as both a classical and solo jazz guitarist.

As a teacher my greatest strength is an ability to adapt a traditional sight-reading/theory/ ear training approach to any style of playing. This creates a well rounded and trained player with permanent skills, regardless of whether they study classical, jazz or popular styles.

  • Over 25 years experience teaching (since 1987)
  • Music degree(Magna cum Laude,1991)
  • Founding member of Midlothian Music Lessons
  • Very clear and organized approach to lessons
  • Performance/recital opportunities for students
  • Convenient location
  • Available four days per week

I Focus On Permanent Skills

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The ultimate goal sought by most people who take lessons is to establish a permanent set of playing skills to have for a lifetime. A player does not develop an understanding of music and adaptability when they simply play tabbed out song after song - an approach one finds all too often in the "music store lesson" method. All this establishes is the ability to play a few songs that will soon be out of fashion (and which were probably free on the internet anyway)

The tricky part is knowing how to engage the student with musical material they want to play while not neglecting essential aspects of music education.

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