About My lessons

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I bring an honest love of teaching music to my lessons. My approach to teaching lessons has been informed by my experiences with hundreds of students, as well as by my experience as a Home Educator to my own four children, now grown.

  • Degree in Music Education --Radford class of '73
  • Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons
  • Comfortable waiting area
  • Performance/recital opportunities for students
  • Convenient location
  • Over 35 years experience teaching piano lessons and flute lessons

Focus On Learning

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My approach to Music Education is to encourage a love and appreciation of all types of music in my students by exposing them to many different styles -- not just classical, nor just the popular style of their own choosing.

I take extra care to make a clear connection between daily practice habits and strong playing skills. There are few things I enjoy more than participating in the growth of musical skill and awareness of my students

MIDLOTHIAN MUSIC LESSONS was established with the goal of making available the kind of teacher who can help any student gain the lifelong skill of playing music if they are willing to spend their time learning.

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